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Identify Causes of Bleeding Gums and Swelling

Identify the cause of bleeding gums and swollen sangtlah indeed important. Since most people certainly never experienced bleeding gums and swollen. Both of these problems is torture due to the pain. Bleeding gums are one of the oral health problems that you should be aware because it indicates the presence of inflammation. According to a study dulakukan by health agencies conducted in 2013 showed that 1 in 4 people who were in Indonesia or rather with a percentage of 25.9% had experienced problems with teeth and mouths. Including health problems of the gums that often occur such as gingivitis or inflammation of the gums and bleeding gums. So what is the cause of bleeding gums and swollen? Immediately, note the following review!

Here Causes Bleeding gums and swelling to know

Most people realize that they are experiencing problems in the gums that bleed when you're brushing your teeth. In fact you need to know this one issue you should never take for granted. As we know the gum itself serves to protect the bone and tooth root. If you are having problems will certainly make its function becomes not good. In addition to the oral and dental health it also can affect other organs of the body. Such as heart, lung and pancreas. So that's why maintaining oral health is very important. Bleeding gums can occur because of course caused by several things, if you know the cause of bleeding gums and swollen? Here we will present a review of the cause of bleeding gums and swollen, including the following!

Here's Some Causes of Bleeding gums and swelling Can You Go

The first cause of the occurrence of bleeding gums and swollen is because of tartar. If plaque is not cleaned immediately then over time will cause tartar. And if tartar has been attached to the teeth, the tartar will cause swelling and bleeding gums. To cope with tartar one way with the help of a doctor. But if left alone so the tartar will cause poison and infect the gums.

swelling and bleeding of the gums is a condition in which there is a complication that occurs in the mouth. Especially for those who have leukeumia disease, gum tissue area is often considered to have a higher prevalence of the infitrasi leukeumia cells which can cause adhesion molecules endotthelial dispensing components resulting in increased infiltration of leukocytes into.

Due to Lack of Vitamin K
In addition to its psudah caused as described above, bloody teeth can also be caused due to deficiency of vitamin K. In general, if someone has a deficiency of vitamin K when brushing teeth often experience bleeding of the gums. Therefore keep your body get the body needs vitamin K consume green leafy vegetables as a precaution. Such as spinach, kale, collards, broccoli, and many others.

Now that some of the causes of bleeding gums and swollen that you can know. To prevent bleeding gums and swollen remains always maintain the health condition of your gums. Because given the gum is part of the mouth has a very important role to support the health of other organs in the body as described above.
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